Brighten Anyone’s Day by Sending Christian Cards

Sending a greeting card is a great way to show someone that you’re thinking of them. Cards are available for all occasions and offer a wide selection to choose from. Whether your spouse is celebrating a birthday milestone or you want to say “hi” to a friend, greeting cards, especially Christian cards, allow you to send powerful personalized messages.

Types of Greeting Cards

When choosing a card to send, you have several options:

• Standard greeting cards such as can be found at any store are printed on heavy card stock and often have themed messages. Some are blank inside so you can write your own greeting.

• Photo cards include a space in the front for you to place your own picture, or they may be printed by a professional service.

• Musical cards have an electronic chip inside that plays a song when the card is opened.

• Pop-up cards are reminiscent of the pop-up books you remember from childhood and include a simple 3-D image that unfolds from the center.

• E-cards are electronic greetings that can be sent from your computer or mobile device to anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

The Benefits of Sending Greeting Cards

Sending out cards keeps you in touch with the people you care about in a way that’s more tangible than email or social media. You can personalize the cards you send by including letters or tucking in a recent family photo. Many people wait until Christmas to do this, but cards can be sent any time of year just to say, “I’m thinking of you.” It’s amazing how much such a simple message can brighten someone’s day, especially if they’ve been ill or are going through difficult circumstances.

Choosing a card gives you an easy way to express your feelings if you’re having a hard time putting them into words. From close friendship to romantic affection, there are greeting cards that convey all emotions. You can send cards to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, congratulate recent graduates or make Grandma chuckle with a cute joke. A good greeting card reaches across generations in a way that modern technological communications can’t, connecting people of all ages and all cultures with heartfelt sentiments.

Christian Cards Uplift the Spirit

The words you use in your greeting when sending a card make all the difference. In addition to the many types and styles of cards that are available, you have the option of including a Biblical message by choosing Christian cards. Traditional cards often include simple one-line greetings or short poems that convey a common idea or theme. Though Christian cards may have similar contents, the messages are centered on God and often incorporate Bible verses.

You can select the Bible translation that makes the most sense for the type of card you’re sending. Many cards use the traditional King James translation while others draw from more modern translations such as the New International Version. Picking cards that convey messages directly from the Bible allows you to send more than a basic sentiment; you’re conveying God’s word to the recipient of the card.

Christian cards are for more than just sending out to your church friends and family around the holidays. The powerful Biblical messages contained in these types of greetings are suitable for any occasion and are often just what someone in a tough situation needs to hear.

Of course, Christian-themed greetings are great for holidays as well. Instead of sending out another generic Santa on Christmas or bunny on Easter, you can choose cards that convey the true meanings of these holidays and send a ray of light out to those you care about most. You can even send these cards to put smiles on the faces of those who are living alone or in nursing homes, or to those serving in the military through organizations that work to bring uplifting messages to others.

When you send out a greeting card, you’re giving the recipient more than a printed piece of paper. You’re sending a message straight from the heart, designed to brighten up their day and show them that you care. Don’t wait until the holidays to make someone smile with a special greeting; find a card that says how you feel and mail it out today.

Author bio. : Janice is a big fan of Christian cards and sends many to her family and friends every year. She knows how a greeting card can lift the spirit and enjoys spreading love with powerful messages.

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