Boats are exposed to the elements by the nature if their existence. Wind, rain, and salt air can all wreak havoc with your gelcoat and leave it dull and chalky in appearance. In the worst cases of oxidation, it can cause water invasion that damages your boat’s exterior structure. Here are some tips to restoring your vessel’s finish to it’s former glory.

The first step is to analyze the level of oxidation. If the finish is mostly shiny, with just a few dull patches, then you have an issue that can be fixed with a little oxidation removing compound and some elbow grease. Medium oxidation will have a dull finish across the entire exterior, and little to know reflectivity. It may also have some pitting in spots. This will require a fine-textured polishing compound and buffer to even out the surface. Advanced stages of oxidation will cause a dull overall look and produce a chalky residue that comes off on your hands. There will also be extensive pitting throughout. This stage requires a combination of restoration methods, and in cases where the gelcoat can’t be restored, repainting may be the only option.

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