Birthstone Jewelry for August Born

If an important woman of your life is August born and you are pondering over gifting a piece of jewelry which is unique and meaningful, then you can surely ponder over the peridot gem. This is the birthstone of August and it dazzles beautifully.This gem looks amazingly beautiful when used as solitaire and even when combined with other colored gems or the diamonds. A large variety of jewelry is made using this stone and you can choose any of them for the birthday girl.

Now, while deciding on the gift, you need to take care about whom you are gifting it to. Different jewelry gift options will work differently for different women. Let’s have a look at what can please whom the best-

1) Special Someone: When it comes to gifting jewelry to your beloved girl or wife, nothing will beat the glamour of a ring. And, when it is a birthstone peridot ring, she will be thrilled to have it from you. You can explore the various options available as solitaire rings, three-stone rings, eternity rings, halo rings etc.Each type of ring denotes a special message and will carry along your sentiments for her. It is priceless to see a joyful smile on her face when she wears the ring. It will be a memorable moment and you will surely cherish it for life.


2)    Loving Mom: The lady who has loved you selflessly since your birth is no other than your mom. It is rightly said that ‘A mom is God’s angel on earth for the child’. And when it comes to showing your gratitude in form of a birthday gift, a pendant will work the best. The birthstone pendant will hang close to her heart, reminding her of your endless love for her. The same idea will work well for the grand mom as well.

3)    Caring Friend: No life is complete without having the love, care and guidance of friends. They are our support system and it really feels good when we share our joys and sorrows with them. A true friend will always be at our side in good times and bad; what so ever be the condition, she will never leave us alone. And, when that friend’s birthday is to be celebrated, what can please her the most than a pair of peridot earrings? This stone is the birthstone of August and its glamour is worth praise. The gift shall surely be appreciated and loved. You can add dazzle to the pair by adding a few diamonds. This way the elegance of peridot will combine with sparkle of diamonds to bring out the best beauty.

These are the broad classification of the pieces of jewelry which can be liked by these women. But, it will be good if you can know their choice beforehand and pick the jewelry according to their taste. The only thing to be taken care is to choose the metals very carefully asmost of the women are very particular about their choice of metals- white or yellow.

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