Balancing Trendy and Affordable

As a parent, you want your child to enjoy a carefree life filled with fun and adventure. You want them to have the freedom to allow their personality to develop and emerge. Your child may be torn between trying to fit in with their peers without abandoning their personal interests and preferences. Trendy fashions are important to kids. Arriving at school or at an after-school event dressed in the latest style often tends to boost a child’s self-confidence. It may take some parental guidance to help your child find the perfect balance between conforming to trends and being true to their self.

Kids Love Color

Clothing styles change from season to season, but one aspect of children’s and tween’s clothing that remains steadfast is color. Kids seem to enjoy unexpected pairings of colors and patterns. There are various ways your child can add color to their wardrobe. Main articles of clothing such as jeans and tees can be bright and bold. Kids and tweens enjoy having fun with colorful shoes and socks.

Trendy and Budget-Friendly

Trendy clothing can be a budget-breaker. There are ways that your child can arrive at school and events looking stylish and trendy. Socks and shoestrings in vibrant colors and with quirky themes are popular with young children and tweens. Leggings in bold colors, whimsical patterns and interesting embellishments are easy on the budget yet a delightful wardrobe item for young girls.


Accessories are a fantastic way for kids and tweens to express their individuality while staying current with the latest trends. Accessories for boys include hats, watches, bracelets and eyewear. A new trend for girls is Charm it Charms. There’s a lot of charms to choose from and their affordability makes it easy for girls to acquire a large collection of charms. Once a girl begins adding these adorable charms to her bracelet, parents, grandparents, extended family members and friends no longer have to wonder what to get for holiday gifts or birthday gifts. All they have to do is add a new charm to her collection.

Young children and tweens need an outlet for self-expression. Their clothing gives them a chance to follow the latest trend while their accessories can be an outlet for expressing their individuality.

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