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In today’s economy, few families have the funds to go on big lavish vacations. The price of gas and hotels, along with the mounting cost of the entertainment as well, make many vacations unaffordable for many families. As a result, many families are discovering ways to relax and still have a great time on a more budget friendly vacation. This is why the staycation has gained so much popularity. It eliminates many of the manageable expenses and frees up money for other areas of enjoyment. This is why taking a vacation in town has become attractive to many people. They save gas and time and are able to spend money in the areas that they will enjoy the most.

Staying in town saves a lot of money when it comes to gas. The money that you would have been spent on a car trip to another city or a plane trip to another state can go back into the pool and be used for entertainment. Driving across town to a hotel shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks, whereas a trip to another city or a plane ride, could cost hundreds. Plus, you won’t have to worry about lng construction.

For most out of town vacations, there is a time cost. You must factor in time to travel. The time needed could be anywhere from a few hours to half a day, depending on the destination. A staycation lets you get right into the fun without having to wait long periods of time.

The money you save by cutting out travel can be huge. That savings may mean that you can book an upscale hotel with plenty of free amenities, which results in additional savings. If the hotel is filled with many amenities that come with the hotel stay, you many not need to leave the hotel as much for entertainment. This is a plus in terms of convenience and time. If the fun is located within minutes of where you are you have more time to spend enjoying yourself.

Hands down, a family staycation is the way to go when you want to save money and get straight to the fun and relaxation. By cutting out the time and money you’d spend on gas and travel you gain more time and money to spend on fun. This type of vacation is an answer for families that can’t afford a lavish vacation far away from home.

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