8 Tips to Remember When Deciding On a New Window Cleaning Service

Whether you have bought a new house at Perth or are living in an old one, you might need a window cleaner for your home. For deciding upon a good window cleaning service, to derive the best value for money and complete satisfaction, you must keep these points in mind:

1. Opt for reputable window cleaners

Make sure that the window cleaners you opt for are members of a professional trade organization or guild, like the Master Guild of Window Cleaners.  This ensures that the working standards of the window cleaners are high. Although many window cleaners in Perth provide reliable services, you must also check their websites to ascertain you find all the information that you need.

2. Make sure your area is covered by your window cleaning company (In case you stay in a locality near Perth and not in Perth)

With fuel prices burning a hole in everyone’s pockets, many companies prefer to concentrate their business to the more populated urban areas. So, if you live in an area near Perth (like Friston or Jevington) but not in Perth itself, make sure the window cleaning company you chose operates in your area as well.

3. Make sure your window cleaner is insured

All the professional window cleaners have a public liability insurance. This insurance covers any damage to your property, in case the window cleaner breaks your window or does some other property damage.

4. Enquire about the frequency of cleaning

Ascertain that your window cleaner provides you cleaning services on a regular basis.

5. Enquire about the cleaning method

Your window cleaner should be using fast, efficient and environmentally friendly methods of cleaning like, water fed poles or light poles that carry pure water with a brush head. Obsolete methods using detergents with cloths and squeegees should not be encouraged.

6. Request a quotation for prices

You must request for a quotation from the company as they are based on parameters like no. of windows, their location, cleaning frequency, etc.

7. Enquire about the payment method

In case you are going to be unavailable at the cleaning premises enquire about the payment options available, as cleaners usually take payments once the job is completed.

8. Get a work and risk assessment done

This will help in obtaining an accurate quotation from the cleaner. As every property is different the risk involved and the work scope may vary. There might be windows that are difficult to reach and clean, like the ones above a conservatory, so ensure that the cleaning service assess your property thoroughly.

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