5 natural solutions to treat Flu and cold

Flu and cold are perhaps the most underrated diseases. No one ever takes them seriously; you are still expected to show up at work, your professors do not allow you to skip classes and you are not excused from any chore.

However, the reality is, the flu and cold are severely draining. They make it extremely hard to carry on with the normal life. Breathing, working, thinking, even existing become painful. Not only do flu and cold cause physical discomfort, but also take mental toll as well.

Even though it is important to consult an internal medicine specialist in case of flu, the medications remain woefully short on offering a quick solution to the problem. Many antihistamines have sedative effects, so cannot be relied on every time, especially during the daytime when people have commitments otherwise. Also, there is a very short window during which the drug remains effective and so if that is skipped, so you are on your own with the pesky flu.

Therefore, it is vital to have useful natural remedies under the belt to supplement the medicine and thus pack a punch against the cold.

1 Drink warm liquids

The soothing effect that a warm drink brings during cold is unparalleled. The warm liquid helps to decongest the nasal passageways by moving the mucous along. Moreover, the heat from the beverage is great for the inflammation as it helps curb it.

Depending on your choice, any hot beverage that has good properties with regards to cold and flu can be used. Herbal teas, stock and soups are used mostly, due to their nutrient content. Also, these beverages are light, so are digested easily, as many people do not want to eat heavy foods due to the sore throat and clogged nose. Also, these warm liquids also replenish water within the body.

2 Gargling and blowing the nose

Gargling is extremely effective to sooth sore throat. Gargles helps to moisten the throat, which then eases the prickling pain due to the soreness. When done regularly during the cold, not only does it alleviate the symptoms, but also hastens the process of recovery. Moreover, gargles can literally be done anytime, anywhere. All they require is salt and water. To make the gargles, in a lukewarm glass of water, add salt; around half a teaspoon in one glass.

Likewise, clearing your nose is effective too. By expelling the mucus, the backlog is cleared, making room in the nasal passageway. Sniffing it back it is further clogging the airway, and thus is rather counter intuitive.

3 Hydration

The probability of dehydration and related complications is higher during cold and flu. Not only does it make recovery harder, but it takes an added toll on the body. Hence, be sure to rehydrate. Drink water, herbal teas, lemon water etc. However, as caffeine causes dehydration, cut down on it.

4 Steam

Steamy showers or inhaling steam from a pot can be effective to de-clog the air passageway. The heat from the steam softens and moves the mucus along in the tract. The relief from the clearing of nasal congestion is palpable. It is especially great for people having trouble breathing through their nose due to the congestion.

5 Sleep

Nothing can beat rest. During the bouts of cold and flu, your body is busy fighting the pathogens and is using significant energy in the process. Therefore, it tires quickly. Thus, take a break so your body can concentrate on just getting better. The rest or quick nap will ensure that the body is able to fight better and recover quicker.

These remedies are great to provide immediate relief and they are also beneficial for decreasing the disease period. However, regardless of these remedies, if the cold is not getting any better, then you certainly need to visit the best internal medicine specialist in Islamabad, as you may require more robust medication.





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