4 Ways Businesses Can Save on Utility Costs

Many business owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to save money. Utility expenses are one of the areas that can be neglected when people are considering cost-cutting methods. While some of the methods require an up-front investment, the savings over time can make it more than worthwhile.

1. Revolving Doors

Any company that has a lot of foot traffic should consider the benefits of revolving doors. They reduce drafts and prevent a rush of cool or warm air from escaping every time a door is opened. They are also made of glass, which allows more light into the room and reduces the need for as much artificial lighting in the area, saving on electricity costs. Just make sure that the revolving door code compliance regulations are observed to prevent any fines.

2. Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are becoming popular for both home and business use. By setting the thermostat to automatically raise and lower the temperature of the building depending on the time of day, a lot of energy can be conserved, saving money for the company. There are many models available with different features, some of which can be connected to an app on a smartphone. That way, if something needs to be changed, the business owner can take care of it from wherever they are.

3. Maintain HVAC System

An improperly maintained heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit can run less efficiently, squandering energy and wasting money. Change the filters regularly to keep debris from building up in the system and causing it to run less proficiently. Have a professional come out at least twice a year to perform a tune-up in the spring and fall. A properly cared for system will usually have a longer lifespan and have fewer major problems.

4. Inspect Drafty Areas

One of the ways the keep heating and cooling costs down is by making sure doors and windows are properly sealed. Air is constantly moving, and even a small draft can result in a lot of loss. Examine the floor where it meets the outer walls to spot and cracks that have started due to the building settling over time. Any leaks should be sealed with caulk or weather stripping to prevent air from escaping.

There are plenty of ways to save money on energy costs throughout the year. Inspect different areas in the building and talk to employees to get their feedback and suggestions for improvements. Be creative and do not hesitate to contact a professional for help in implementing ideas as needed.

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