4 Tips for Buying Workplace Time Clocks

According to the American Payroll Association, more than half of businesses suffer from “time theft,” or fraudulent behavior from their employees regarding break times, arrivals, departures, shift changes, et cetera. One way to reduce this problem is through the installation of a time clock, but what if you’ve never purchased such a system before? What criteria should you use to find the best model? Here are just four suggestions when shopping for a time clock.

1: Decide on a Type

Time clocks come in many different varieties. The most basic kind involves punch cards, also known as manual timekeeping, whereas more advanced models use numbered codes or even biometric fingerprinting software in order to identify and then log in the employee. Which time clock is best for you will depend entirely on your personal preferences.

2: Give Yourself a Price Range

When buying a time clock, it’s important to consider not just the price of the machine itself but also the supplies that will need to be replaced on a regular basis. For example, if you’re going manual, you’ll need to buy new punch cards every week. If you’re looking into something digital, you’ll have to work the cost of bi-monthly repairs and evaluations into your budget.

3: Know Your Needs

Do you have a problem with “buddy punching” among your staff? Manual time clocks won’t be enough to stop it; you’ll need a biometric system that can’t be fooled. On the other hand, if you’re working with the elderly or disabled, an overly technological clock may confuse them and cause more trouble than it’s worth. A basic system might be best.

4: Read Reviews

Before you take the time to purchase, install and train your employees in a new timekeeping system, do your research and see what previous buyers have to say about it. Does it freeze after every 10th entry? Are the error messages incomprehensible? Does the manufacturing company respond promptly to complaints and queries? Look for information about warranties as well. If you’re unhappy with your time clock, will it be a huge hassle to get a refund?

These are just four things to keep in mind when purchasing a time clock for your business. Current estimates put the cost of time theft at almost $400 billion nationwide, so don’t let your business lose money from an avoidable problem. Visit this site, learn more about time clocks and keep your employees honest.

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