4 Problems That Can Cause Water Damage

There are a lot of ways that water damage can occur in a home. Know how to identify and address these four common water-related problems to keep your home safe and sound.

1. Broken Pipes

One of the most common reasons you have water damage in a home is that a pipe leaks or bursts. If the leak happens slowly over time, you may not know there is a problem until extensive damage has already happened. Rotten floors, mold growth, and ruined carpets are just a few things that can result from a slow leak.

On the other hand, burst pipes often happen after a freeing event, so it is important to keep any exposed pipes protected from extreme cold.

2. House Fires

You may not automatically think of water damage when you picture a house fire, but it takes a huge amount of water to put out a large fire. That water is sprayed over the entire home, leading to water seeping through everything, regardless of whether it was directly affected by the fire. If you experience a house fire, you will probably need to arrange for water mitigation Denver CO afterward.

3. Foundation Problems

A foundation problem can easily cause water to enter a basement or crawlspace. Additionally, older foundations may not be properly sealed against water so that moisture can seep in. This can lead to water damage, especially if it occurs in a finished basement.

4. Leaking Roof

A leak in your roof can cause water damage throughout every floor of the house. Even a small leak can cause the roof sheathing to become rotted, leading to the need for a whole new roof. Also, if the leak is severe enough, water can come through ceilings, damaging drywall, paint, and any furniture underneath. An annual roof inspection is a good way to prevent this problem.

Water can lead to major damage and mold growth when it gets where it isn’t supposed to be. Identifying problems early and fixing them right away will minimize that damage.

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