4 Modern Ways to Detect Cancer at Early Stage

Cancer has higher chances of cure when diagnosed at an early stage. So, consult your doctor and get advice on which type of cancer to screen. Doctors may also recommend cancer screening if you have a high risk of contracting the disease.

Ways of Diagnosing Cancer

Use of Imaging Tests

Doctors use imaging tests to diagnose cancer and determine which treatment method is appropriate for the patient. Most imaging tests such as X-ray, mammography, computed tomography, bone scans, and positron emission tomography uses radiation. Tests that don’t use radiation are ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging. If you are diagnosed with cancer, consult oncologist Newport Beach for comprehensive treatment and care.

Physical Examination

The doctor may examine the patient physically to feel if there are lumps available. Doctors advise ladies to examine their breasts, and in case of swelling or change of color, they can seek further tests.


A doctor may decide to collect a sample of your cells and test it in a laboratory. If you want a definite diagnosis, a biopsy is a test to take since others may not differentiate cancerous or non-cancerous cells. The standard biopsy procedures are bone marrow, needle, endoscopic, skin, or surgical biopsy.

Laboratory Tests

An oncologist may opt to check your urine or blood to detect abnormalities that may suggest you have cancer. The commonly used blood tests for cancer diagnose are blood protein testing, tumor marker test, complete blood count, and circulating tumor cell tests.

Cancer diagnoses may have a physical, emotional, and psychological effect on your body. So, every patient must learn how to cope with the ailment. First, learn more about the disease and treatment options, keep your family close and seek help from a counselor or a trusted friend who’s ready to listen to you.

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