3 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer Without Running the A/C Nonstop

It can take a significant amount of energy to keep a home cool all summer long. If you want to cut back on energy use, consider using these three strategies to keep your house cool without running the air conditioner around the clock.

1. Increase the Insulation

Insulation works by reducing air transfer between spaces. That means that your cooled air can stay inside longer while the sweltering heat outside stays there. Not all insulation is made the same, however, so it pays to learn about the different types available. Spray polyurethane foam Chalfont PA is considered among the best available for its effectiveness at reducing airflow. It also has the advantage of being able to seal small leaks around pipes and openings.

2. Install Ceiling Fans

Fans make you feel cooler by generating air movement. As it passes over the skin, the air moves warmer air. At the same time, evaporative cooling lowers the skin’s surface temperature. In many cases, you can raise the temperature in a room by several degrees while running fans without noticing much of a difference. That can add up to significant savings on utility bills every month.

3. Use Lined Window Coverings

No matter how much you want to let the summer sun shine into your home, resist the urge to pull back the curtains. In fact, invest in lined thermal curtains to keep the sun out throughout the heat of the afternoon. This simple step can lower the temperature in your home by several degrees using no electricity at all.

A few small swaps can help reduce your reliance on a/c this summer. Increase the insulation in your home, invest in ceiling fans to keep air moving, and limit the amount of afternoon sun that comes in throughout windows for a significantly lower interior temperature.

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