3 Things You Might Not Know About Coffee

If you are a long-time coffee lover you probably already know a lot about your favorite drink. You might have already established a coffee making routine, know your favorite and least favorite brands, and even have a monthly coffee subscription. Regardless of where you sit on the coffee obsession scale, here are a few things that even the most expert coffee drinkers might not know. 

Coffee Can Boost Your Mood

You already know coffee can boost your mood, that’s likely a big part of why you drink it. But you might not know that research has shown drinking coffee is directly linked to happiness, and might even help to reduce symptoms of depression. Add it in with a morning routine that makes you feel good, and you are off to a great start for your day.

Coffee Is Full of Antioxidants

In fact, coffee might be your body’s number one way of getting antioxidants, depending on your diet. Antioxidants help protect your cells, which ultimately help in fighting diseases like cancer and heart disease, among others. Pair your coffee with fruits and vegetables to create a truly antioxidant-rich meal and give your cells an extra boost. 

Coffee Stimulates Your Metabolism 

Coffee doesn’t boost only your energy levels, it boosts your metabolism as well. The caffeine in coffee increases your metabolic rate which helps you burn fat more efficiently. Caffeine can also give you the extra energy and motivation you need to work out and raise those fat burning levels even more. However you look at it, coffee is a great tool to use by people trying to lose weight.  

These are just a few of the many benefits of drinking coffee. Whether you are a daily coffee drinker or drink every once in a while, you can rest assured knowing it is helping you be healthier, both physically and mentally. 


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