3 Things You Can Do To Help Your Building During Cold Weather

A sudden overnight snowstorm that passes through the area where you live can leave you worried when you wake up. When you wake up, the streets may be full of ice, and the heavy snow can settle around your building and potentially cause structural damage in some circumstances.

No matter what amount of precipitation you get, you will always want to make sure your building is safe from collapse. When you think seriously about preparing for extreme weather, you may come up with a few ideas that can help you.

1. Check for Supplies and Leaks

Finding emergency sources of power, such as heating generators, is one step to take when bad weather threatens you. Packing a bag full of items before a severe storm hits, such as space blankets and weather radios, can also help.

Checking your building for any possible leaks or areas where melted snow can come in is important for overall structural safety. In some cases, having a deflection alarm system design can alert you if the snow becomes too heavy for your roof to handle.

2. Clear Out Important Areas

The sidewalks and parking lot near your building are often full of dangerous sheets of ice. In the time before and after a storm, it can help to salt the area or use some form of preventative safety measures to keep people from slipping and falling. Checking your gutters for any blockages is another step to take if you suspect a heavy snowfall is coming.

3. Look at Your Pipes

When cold weather hits your area, your pipes could be in danger of freezing. A burst pipe can lead to a lack of usable water, and this is often a problem that you may not realize is happening until it is too late to prevent it. Taking time to inspect and check your building’s pipes can help your building stay safe during rough weather.

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