3 Smartphone Shopping Hacks

Reading tips on shopping may seem like a waste of time. Once you
read this article you wont feel like that. The tips and tricks below are
so good in fact you can call them “Shopping Hacks”. Life hacking has
become a well known trend and everyone is interested in doing things
the best way possible. I think it’s encoded in our DNA as humans.
Shopping doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of things you
need to improve on but I think you will find these tips useful as timesavers and money-savers.

1. Shopping Apps – Shopping apps like  shoppingboss, groupon yelp and more can save you money while you are at the store already shopping. There are a ton of apps so get on your smartphone tonight
while your chilling on the couch and find some that you like. Some
give you cash back, some just save you money by sending you deals
and coupons.

Smartphone Shopping Hacks

2. Smartphone Coupons – Find yourself wanting to signup for a
instore credit card just to get a 10% discount. Do a quick search
online to find coupons for your purchase. This can be done in those
long lines or in the store while shopping. The coupons can be
scanned at the register from the screen on your phone.

Use Digital Coupons In Store

3. Didigtal Gift Cards – You can take advantage of coupon codes that
generally only work when you shop online by using digital gift cards.
Purchase them online with the coupon code then use the digital gift
card at the store. Yes, you can use the digital gift card right at the
register. The checkout person just needs to punch int he card number
as apposed to using a swipe and you just may have to tell them how
to do so.

Digital Gift Cards Are Better!
In closing
Well I hope my smartphone shopping hacks help you save money and
time. Using your smartphone while shopping is the frugal thing to do.

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