3 House Maintenance Tasks To Handle This Summer

The warm weather of summer creates a great opportunity to do chores. Some of these tasks involve necessary house maintenance that can benefit you from the rest of the summer to the upcoming winter. When you organize this season’s home maintenance plan, consider taking a look at the following areas of the building.  

Landscape and Patio

Summer presents the best time to fix up your landscape. Overgrown plant life invites unwelcome insects and reduces property value, so mow and trim as necessary. Landscaping gives this space a detailed, but natural look that will impress neighbors and guests. Also, the winter season may have damaged the deck and patio. Power wash the place and repair any damage. Add dining tables and chairs to turn the patio into an outdoor party place. 


The snow of winter and constant rain of spring has likely stained your windows. Additionally, dirt, bugs and other elements can build up along the frames if left untreated. Summer is the best time to maintain the windows around your house. While you are at it, you can also install blackout curtains or new shutters to accompany your windows. These upgrades bring inside a moderate amount of sunlight while blocking excessive heat, reducing your air conditioning costs. 

Roof and Gutters

The mostly clear weather allows for greater access to the rooftop. Now is the perfect time to inspect the area and repair, replace or clean as necessary. Also, gutter cleaning jacksonville fl ensures that rainwater flows to the ground instead of building up on the roof, damaging it. This is one task that you should trust professionals to handle, since it is potentially dangerous and they have more experience with it. 

Summer allows you to perform house maintenance without the interruptions created by cold temperature and precipitation. Prioritize these items so you can enjoy the rest of the season. 

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